Laser removal of papillomas

Laser papilloma removal process

Laser removal of papillomas is a cosmetic procedure characterized by low invasiveness, safety and high efficiency. This method of eliminating these growths is widespread in medicine and is one of the most reliable among similar ones, which also include electrocoagulation, cryodestruction and radio wave therapy.

Description of laser papilloma removal

Laser machine for removing papillomas

The method of laser removal of papillomas is based on the use of a special CO2 carbon dioxide laser. It penetrates the tissues to a certain depth, evaporating the moisture and blocking the blood vessels. As a result, the cells of the neoplasm die, which leads to its destruction.

Papilloma on the face is removed with a pulse device, and on the body - with a continuous radiation device.

This procedure is performed in general medical centers or cosmetic clinics. It is performed by a cosmetologist-dermatologist and lasts an average of 30 minutes.

For the successful removal of papillomas with a laser, one session is usually enough, but if the growth is problematic, you may need to visit the doctor several times. In this case, it is recommended to take a break of 3-5 days to give the skin a rest.

Laser papilloma removal has the following advantages:

  • Without pain. During the procedure, the patient may feel only a slight tingling sensation. The absence of unpleasant sensations guarantees the use of effective external agents with an analgesic effect.
  • Infertility. When using a laser, no tissue incision is made, which eliminates the risk of bleeding, scarring and infection. Despite this, just in case, the doctor uses antiseptics to treat the skin, wiping the problem area with them at the beginning and at the end of the session.
  • Low invasiveness. Since the integrity of the skin is not violated when using a device for the laser removal of papillomas, the appearance of hematomas, scars, pigment spots and other scars is excluded.
  • There are no side effects. After laser therapy, in most cases there is no burning, swelling, redness or irritation of the skin. This becomes possible only if you contact an inexperienced doctor.
  • No need for rehabilitation. Since the procedure is performed without the use of general anesthesia, immediately after the laser removal of papillomas, a person can go home and do his usual activities.
  • No special preparation is required. Before the session, the patient does not need to adhere to a specific diet, treat any existing disease or refuse to take certain medications.

The price of laser papilloma removal depends on its size; the larger it is, the more expensive the procedure will be. The elimination of each increase is paid separately. On average, medical centers charge $40 to get rid of a tumor. In addition, if you plan to remove several parts at the same time, the patient is sometimes offered a discount.

Laser removal of papillomas and warts is one of the most expensive physiotherapeutic procedures of all existing ones. Those who want to save a little should go to the less popular medical centers. The cheapest services are offered by small beauty salons, the main thing is that their specialists have the permission to work with a laser machine and the necessary experience to safely perform the procedure.

Regardless of how much laser papilloma removal costs, at the end of the procedure, the patient is always given skin care recommendations.

Indications for laser removal of papilloma

Performing a procedure for laser removal of papilloma on the face

This method becomes important when it is necessary to remove papilloma of small and medium sizes - up to 0. 6-0. 8 cm.

It is used to eliminate benign formations that do not contain cancer cells. This is due to the fact that the laser vaporizes the growth and after the procedure there is simply nothing left to send for a biopsy.

Laser removal of papillomas on the face or body is performed when they are located in absolutely any area. In fact, this is the only method that can be used so widely, without restrictions on growth localization. This is the best way to eliminate formations on the eyelid, under the arms, on the neck and in intimate places.

The need for laser removal of papillomas arises when unpleasant sensations appear when they often stick to clothing and, as a result, are damaged.

Also, this technique can be used when there is a high probability that the tumor will degenerate into malignancy.

Contraindications for laser removal of papilloma

Laser procedures are contraindicated for patients with diabetes.

When considering the contraindications for laser removal of papillomas, you should pay attention to the fact that it is not recommended to perform the procedure during menstruation, during pregnancy and breastfeeding. The decision to use the laser in such cases is made by the attending physician if other methods have been shown to be ineffective.

Only adults or children accompanied by them are allowed to do papilloma laser removal with the prior permission of the doctor.

Laser papilloma removal cannot be performed if you have the following problems:

  • dIABETES. This endocrine disease is characterized by a disruption of the glucose absorption process, which provokes a lack of the hormone insulin in the blood. It has a chronic course and is accompanied by a deterioration of all types of metabolism - fat, water-salt, carbohydrates.
  • Herpetic infection. It affects nerve cells and skin. Its main symptom is the appearance of bubbles on the sides of the lips, which burst over time. In their place, erosion and a crust appear, after the removal of which a small scar may remain. Laser removal of papillomas can slow tissue regeneration.
  • fever. This is a painful condition accompanied by chills and mild to severe fever. A person's body temperature rises, dehydration occurs, dry skin and a strong feeling of thirst appear.
  • ARVI. This is a group of acute inflammatory diseases of the ENT organs, the development of which is provoked by various respiratory tract infections. Laser removal of papilloma can lead to the activation of the virus and worsen the patient's condition.
  • Blood problems. Basically, we are talking about a violation of his coagulation. The most dangerous disease associated with such problems is hemophilia. Most often it is inherited, but in some cases it can be acquired during life. Since the laser "seals" the vessels, the blood flow is sometimes interrupted, which negatively affects the patient's condition.

Carefully perform laser papilloma removal in case of skin problems at the site of radiation exposure. This refers to acute forms of dermatitis, urticaria, cold allergies and other tissue diseases.

How is laser removal of papillomas performed?

The doctor performs a laser papilloma removal procedure

About a week before the procedure, you should stop sunbathing and visit a tanning room, as this can reduce the extent of your exposure to the laser rays. You should always apply sunscreen to your body before going outside.

You should also avoid contact with the growth of cosmetics and care products that contain aggressive substances. It is not advisable to take a bath with the addition of essential oils.

This is what the laser papilloma removal process looks like:

  1. The doctor puts on sterile gloves to prevent infection of himself and the patient.
  2. A cream with analgesic properties is applied to the desired area to eliminate pain.
  3. If a papilloma is eliminated on the face, then special protective glasses are put on the eyes to prevent damage from the rays.
  4. The emitter is installed at a short distance from the papilloma at a certain angle.
  5. Turn on the installation and expose the formation to the beam for a few minutes.
  6. At the end of the laser papilloma removal procedure, a cooling gel is applied to the skin, as as a result of such exposure it becomes very hot, which can lead to burns.
  7. A medical plaster is applied to the small remaining wound to prevent infection. It should be removed for a few hours a day and can be completely removed after 3-4 days.

After the successful elimination of the papilloma, you should use an antiseptic for 5-7 days, applying it to the skin 2-3 times a day. During this time, do not touch the wound to avoid infection. Once a crust has formed, you should not remove it by force; this may cause bleeding; it should fall by itself. This takes approximately 5-10 days, depending on the specific situation.

Important!For at least one week after laser papilloma removal, you should not wet the treated area, visit a solarium or sunbathe on the beach; you should wear clothing that protects the skin from exposure to sunlight.

Results of laser papilloma removal

The result of laser papilloma removal

The formation evaporates immediately during the procedure, after which a scab appears in this place. After a few days it disappears and if the laser therapy is performed correctly, no trace remains. If the chosen specialist is inexperienced, a scar may occur.

Complications occur extremely rarely, mainly when the procedure is performed without observing safety precautions. In this case, redness, burning, itching, irritation and swelling may appear on the skin. If such problems do not go away on their own within 1-2 days, you should use soothing creams, creams, ointments and other external means.

Note!With proper laser removal, the papilloma is eliminated along with the root, which eliminates or minimizes the risk of the appearance of another formation in the same place.

Real reviews about laser removal of papillomas

Reviews about laser removal of papillomas are mostly positive

Most of the comments about laser removal of papillomas are positive. Negative opinions are found only in those who have chosen an inexperienced or unscrupulous specialist who does not have enough knowledge to safely perform the procedure.

  • "I performed laser therapy more than once, with its help I removed formations under the armpit, on the eyelid and on the abdomen. Two of them were hanging, pedunculated, and the procedure helped both in this case and with an increase inflat, so I consider it universal. In terms of cost, of course, it is not cheap, but it is really effective and helps to solve the problem in one session. There were no unpleasant sensations during the procedure, although the cosmetologist first applied an analgesic cream toskin. In total, the session lasted about 15 minutes, I did not particularly take care of the treated area, I just tried to protect it from exposure to the sun. "
  • "Papillomas bother me mainly on the body, and the problem is that they often stick to T-shirts. Once, a growth accidentally broke off, then the inflammation and redness of the skin lasted a long time, and a small hematoma appeared. Worried that this would happenagain, I decided to remove the growths with a laser. The bad thing is that it is not easy to get rid of a large number of papillomas at the same time, so I had to visit the doctor three times and there was a pause of 3 daysbetween sessions. After the procedure, slight side effects appeared, the skin reddened a little and became inflamed, maybe the reason was the long exposure of the laser to the formation. But in general I am satisfied with the result, the problem is almost solved.
  • "Laser removal was not suitable for me, the doctor did not consider the contraindications before performing the procedure. I have chronic dermatitis and a severe rash on my neck. As a result, the effect of the laser on this area led to an increase in its size. Yes, the formation was eliminated, as the cosmetologist promised, with one movement, literally in 20 minutes, but then it took a long time to get rid of the side effects. I had to use special creams and ointments for about 2 weeks forrelieved itching and inflammation, and this despite the high cost of the procedure, which is supposed to be safe. If I ever have to remove a tumor again, I will look for other gentler methods, although I do not rule out thatI just came across an inexperienced doctor and the problem is only him. "

Laser removal of papillomas is actually a unique, time-tested technique that enjoys great trust among doctors and has many positive reviews from patients. But you need to find a good medical center and choose a real professional!